Wisdom and Leadership – Jared Hudson for Jefferson County

October 24, 2022

Jaren Hudson has grown up in North Jefferson County and has seen a lot of changes. He has a law enforcement background and served in the military as a U.S. Navy Seal. His career choices have given him a strong background to understand the needs of not only the police department but also the county.

Wisdom and Experience for a Positive Impact

Jared, for the past 13 years, has been involved in police work, training other officers around the nation, including in many of the larger cities in America. This involvement has kept his police credentials up to date and allows him to still teach seal teams marksmanship. He is involved heavily with security assessments for missionaries overseas.” I’ve always been involved and monitoring my state as a reserve. It has brought needs to my attention.” Jared explained, “Leadership in law enforcement is important.”

Leading as a servant

As in business, it is the leaders who must sort out when problems arise. It doesn’t work from the bottom up. It must start at the top and go down. Transparency in the government and the Sheriff’s Department is how order can be maintained. Many cities are bigger and have larger police forces; each city needs to be aware of how help and support will be provided by the County office.

A Calling To Be Answered

Jared wants the office of Jefferson County Sheriff to build trust among the cities that make up the county. Communication, positivity, and trust are issues he plans to address. He plans to target specific crimes and criminals instead of communities. Targeting communities doesn’t work, and it’s not beneficial. He plans to protect the community so that all families can live without fear. He feels that God has called him to serve this area he loves so much. He plans to work hard with honesty, compassion, and dedication to being the best Sheriff to serve Jefferson County.

At the North Jefferson Post, we encourage everyone in our community to vote!


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