William Mayhill New General Manager of Bill Noble Park

September 8, 2022

The city of Gardendale’s William Noble Recreation Complex, located just off I-65, is becoming one of the nicest sports parks in the state with the help of a cool 27 million upgrade. With the guidance of a new General Manager, William Mayhall Jr, great things are in store for Gardendale.

William Mayhall from the Hoover Met to Gardendale

William brings with him an experienced background working with parks, sports, and recreation. He has been in the youth and professional sports industries for over 15 years.

 Growing up in Mobile and attending Auburn University, a mutual friend led him to a job in 2018 with the Hoover Met Complex. There he was entrusted with overseeing not just the large outdoor area but five large fields, plus arranging and booking events.

Due to his continued success with the Hoover Met and his strong connection with the SFC,

( Sports Facilities Company) he was offered the position at Noble Park. He started his job with much excitement on 08/29/2022.

Looking Forward to Maximizing the park for the Community

Gardendale is often seen as a bit of a sleeping giant, peaceful, relaxed but full of a big city feel. Mr. Mayhill feels that part of his job is to make sure the park is not just used by the Community but enjoyed as well. 

Maximizing the access and enjoyment of the area while protecting the use of the fields by giving open access to the citizens is one of his goals. He enjoys the great sense of Community in Gardendale and is looking forward to watching the park grow and bringing big tournaments to the new fields.

 Showing off the amazing city of Gardendale, the positive and amazing citizens, and filling up the hotels and restaurants with visitors who can appreciate not only the beauty of the landscape but also the positive sense of neighborhood that Gardendale is known for. 

Grand Opening

Currently, the park is still undergoing construction. The Grand Opening is tentatively scheduled for 3/11/2023. The renovations and upgrades should be completed, and the park will be opened. We at the NJP hope to see you there.

Monday through Thursday, the park will be available for community use, with weekends scheduled for tournaments.

There are even plans for a football field on sight with future plans for pickleball games. 

Yes, pickleball !!!

Mr. Mayhill plans to use his vast knowledge of parks and recreation to ensure that the park is once again available for its original purpose. Maintaining and providing an area for kids to grow up with family, neighbors, a love for sports, outdoor fun, and a healthy lifestyle.

With two young kids of his own, he totally understands the importance.

Welcome Mr. Mayhill


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