Take a Walk on The Rails and Trails- Black Creek Park

June 9, 2022

Looking for a place to have an easy hike or leisurely bike ride? Fultondale has a great choice. Come out to Black Creek Park for a walk along the popular Rails and Trails path. A popular trail for hiking, biking, bird-watching, or even just a quiet stroll.

Rails to Trails

This is the perfect trail for a beginner or even an expert looking for an easy go. The Rails to Trails section of Black Creek Park is listed as a fairly easy route. 

Seven miles out and back with a well-maintained gravel pathway, it is one that parents can walk alone, take their young children, or even give the dog an outing. You can do the entire trail in one day or take sections at a time.

Time to completion 

To complete the trail at a fairly steady pace takes an average of 2 hours and 18 minutes. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful any time of the year. While pets are welcomed, just like in the park, they must be on a leash.

An Old Rail line

The trail follows an old rail line starting at Black Creek Park and runs under Highway 31 and I65 for about 3.5 miles. Running parallel to the creek for the length of the trail, it passes next to the Children’s Park and the Bark Park.

Benches are placed conveniently about every mile, with noticeable markers every half-mile, and a picnic table is visible a little over one mile. There are a few trails that veer off from the main trail that lead to the creek.

If you are not in the mood for an intense hike with lots of elevation but do prefer a scenic and peaceful place to hike with a nice mixture of sun and shade, we at the North Jefferson Post recommend this is the spot for you.


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