Sno Shack is Summer FUN

May 18, 2022

Looking for a tropical paradise in the middle of a bustling city? Look no further than Sno Shack, which is the little white building with a bit of Hawaiian flair located at 1026 Main Street, Gardendale. It’s full of tasty, exotic, tempting, and different choices for everyone. It has a way to cool off the hot summer days.

Sno Shack is a Gardendale summer MUST

Nothing says summer like shaved ice with Kaleidoscopic colors and tongue-tapping tropical flavors. What better way to feel like a kid than choosing a cold exotic iced flavor cup on a hot Alabama day?

Sno Shack

History of Sno Cones

So much variety it’s hard to name it all. Starting in March, they are open most days from 12 pm to 9 pm. Perfect for after work, games, shopping, or even after church.

Sno cones have been around since 1919 when they were introduced at the Texas State Fair by Samuel Bert. Using simple syrup and shaved ice placed in a conical paper cup, he started a sensation on a hot afternoon all those years ago. He found them a cheaper alternative to traditional ice cream. They were so popular a new summer craze was formed. Sno Shacks came in the late 70s and have been a hit with old and young alike since then.

Sno Shack Choices

Along with numerous primary syrup flavors for your shaved ice, from Apple to Watermelon, the menu has dozens of tropical flavors to try. Don’t forget to add a bit of cream to the top.

 Sno shack also offers ice cream and toppings in cones or bowls. But if you desire some lunch or just a snack to hold you over… this is the place. 

Corn Dogs, hot dogs, coleslaw, roasted corn. If snow cones or ice cream are not your favorites, try funnel cakes, fried Oreos, fried twinkies, or even a banana split.

 We at the North Jefferson Post hope to see you at the shack.


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