Nobody Bakes like Mamaw

September 14, 2022

Mamaw’s Bakery is a home-operated bakery that provides delicious baked goods and seasonal offerings.

Grandmother’s Love

Abby and Taylor Taft grew up with some of the best grandmothers. The ones who always had supper ready, a cake on the table, and welcomed visitors with a smile and a plate of food. Abby was exposed to baking her whole life.

Both of her grandmothers loved entertaining and cooking and had the kitchen table not only loaded down with mouth-watering food but surrounded by lots of people as well.

Abby feels totally comfortable in the kitchen and enjoys baking. She decided with her husband to start MaMaw’s Bakery and give a respectful nod to the ladies who taught them all they know. Naming it after all the women whose baking she is sharing seemed the right thing.

A labor of Love

Opening just about a month ago, the Bakery runs efficiently from her home, has a Cottage Food License, and orders can be taken from Facebook and Instagram. 

Monday through Wednesday is order days, while Saturday and Sunday are used for pick-up.

Abby bakes and runs a business while taking care of two little boys, AJ and Oliver. 

Oliver is just nine months old, but AJ being 4, loves to sample his mom’s baked goods.

A new menu is posted weekly. The fall menu will offer Thanksgiving favorites like Pecan pie and Pumpkin Spice loaf. 

The Bakery often does pop-up shows; in November, they will be showcased at Sardis School Small Business House. 

They are looking towards expanding in the future with a shop of their own. Until then, we know that Mamaw is proud.

We at the NJP encourage you to order from Mamaw’s Bakery. 


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