Chicken Salad Chick On The Way to Gardendale

June 17, 2022

Recently, retail and medical space listed for rent by Harbert Realty shows Dunkin Donuts, Jersey Mikes, and Chick Salad Chick as definite renters of the property located at 626 Fieldstown Road in Gardendale.

Chicken Salad Chick, Jersey Mikes, Dunkin Donuts, anyone?

Harbert Realty, one of the largest privately held full-service real estate firms in the Southeast, states that these three food establishments have chosen to join the city with plans for opening up in the near future. 

However, they could not provide a timeline of when to expect the new restaurants to be up and running but did state the franchises have rented the spaces on the property. The location will be located at the old Serra independence Jeep and Truck Center on the left side of the Racetrac gas station.

Gardendale has seen rapid growth in the past several years, with many new businesses opening and being supported by the citizens. Restaurants and fast-food locations are often crowd-pleasers. As families look forward to getting out on the weekends, especially in the summer, variety adds excitement.

City of Gardendale Check-In

Checking in last week with the city about the possible addition of the eateries in Gardendale, the city did not provide a comment on the restaurant additions. While they share the excitement of the possibility, the city could not confirm any details.

Watching Gardendale grow and prosper brings pride to its citizens.

Looking ahead with eager anticipation, we at NJP are excited about the new choices coming to this great city.


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