New Playground for Gardendale Elementary School

August 8, 2022

Gardendale Elementary School, located at 860 Bauers Lane in Gardendale, will have a bright new surprise for students when they return this school year.

New Playground Equipment

Just like numerous other schools in Jefferson county, funding is stretched thin. Repairs to buildings, new textbooks, health requirements, and the need to update lunchrooms put limits on where funding can be applied. Playground apparatus is way down on that list.

Gardendale Elementary School, like many of the surrounding elementary schools, was in desperate need of a new playground. Unfortunately, it was not something the school system could afford this school year.

City of Gardendale to the Rescue

Thinking about the kids and looking forward to a way to help the school, the City of Gardendale stepped up and quickly reached out to meet this need and funded a new playground.

Understanding that playtime is an important part of growth and well-being, the decision was unanimously made to donate the money and refurbish the entire recreation part of the yard.

The old playground was out-of-date and desperately needed an overhaul. Many of the equipment and areas were unsafe. The Mayor called upon his connections with Parks and recreation to provide the best of the best. 

The whole playground was redesigned with bright colors, quality gym equipment that meets all safety standards, and enough playscape to provide calisthenics for all ages.

Added track and basketball courts will bring joy to all ages, especially the older students. Safety surfacing is compliant, and ramps for access, and new picnic tables, all helped to formulate an envy-inspiring area.

The playground was formulated to be inclusive for students with all abilities. Xylophones, drums, and other instruments are spotted throughout to make playtime enjoyable.

 There is also a nice shaded area for students as well as teachers.

Ribbon Cutting

A ribbon cutting for the new playground will take place at Gardendale Elementary School, on August 8th at 10:00 am. Many of the elementary school students will attend along with the Principal, Mrs. Tinker Rogers, and Gardendale’s Mayor Stan Hogeland.

The Mayor has plans to continue to help the students and schools of Gardendale.  The city has spent over 290 thousand to fund the upgrade. He still plans to allocate over 200 thousand more for the four schools within the city limits based on student count.

The city currently donates $250 to each teacher to be used individually in their classrooms. The teachers are very appreciated. 

Mayor Hogeland states, “If you are a teacher, parent, or citizen who sees a need for the school, please let us know. We don’t know every need, but we will do our best to meet as many as we can.”

Thanks to the Mayor and the City of Gardendale for the wonderful new recreational area. The new playground promises to bring a smile to the faces of the students at GES.

We at the NJP hope to see you on the swings.


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