New Mayor and a Bright Future

March 10, 2022

Fultondale’s new Mayor, Larry Holcomb, sees great changes coming for the community. The former volunteer fire chief and owner of multiple local businesses enters into the office with strong family values and hard work ethic. Married with three children, Mayor Holcomb understands the importance of family values, honesty, and working together to build a strong community.

Watching Fultondale Grow

Seeing a need for change, he encouraged support of existing businesses, listened to his citizens, and has searched for positive ways to involve the community in the planning and running of the city. He recently purchased a local property that had stood vacant for four years with exciting plans to make it available to the community for events. He has also worked on the branding of the city, a new website, garbage service, and more.

Encouraging Growth and Communication

Welcoming new businesses and providing options, he is focused on encouraging growth. Mayor Holcomb states, “The best way to find out what is going on in the community is to show up to the council meetings, listen, ask questions, and be involved.”

Looking Forward

Not repeating history, but to remember the hard work of the coal miners and the old coke ovens in the early days of Fultondale,  the Mayor recognizes the residents of Fultondale have never shied away from a hard day’s work. The coke ovens were part of the inspiration in the new City Seal for Fultondale.

“Hard work and caring people are what set this city apart from all the others,” stated Mayor Holcomb.

By focusing on positivity and the uniqueness of the citizens, Mayor Holcomb sees many changes and wonderful prospects for the great city of Fultondale. 

Working hard to fulfill his campaign promises and build a better Fultondale, Mayor Holcomb wishes to be seen as a man of his word, who treats people with kindness, as he handles issues that affect the city and its citizens. The best statement from Mayor Holcomb that sums up his vision for the city is “Working together; we can make a brighter tomorrow for our city.”


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