Monita’s Bakery- A Family Affair

August 17, 2022

Monita’s Bakery located at 1021 Main Street in Gardendale is a sweet shop that should not be missed.

Family-Owned and Operated

Max is not just the manager, but a baker as well. He talks with pride about his family-owned bakery.

 Monita’s opened up last year but has already received numerous, positive reviews. Giving the bakery his mother’s nickname, Monita, the new bakery is a labor of love. 

The whole family contributes to the baking, cooking, and serving of customers.

From Chile to Gardendale

Moving from their home in Chile to Gardendale over 5 years ago, the family wanted to work together and stay grounded. They loved their new community in Gardendale and felt it would be the best place to open a business.

His mother baked amazing cakes for friends and family. His brother is a Chef and Max is a wonderful cook and baker as well. The decision was an easy one. It wasn’t hard to realize that a bakery was how they should blend their talents.

Delicious and Reasonable

Although they have only been open one year, their delicious bakery goods, hard work, and care for their customers have brought them much success. The bakery stays busy and customers keep coming back.

Fresh hand-made donuts, custom cakes, apple fritters, Timpani, and numerous other taste sensations make it difficult to stay away.

Monita’s specialty cake, 3 milk, or Tres Leches, is something that sells faster than she can pull out of the oven. They are open Monday through- Saturday from 5:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

We at the NJP recommend going by and trying some of these delicious treats.


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