Kayak on the Black Warrior River for Summer Fun

June 29, 2022

Black Warrior River is formed by the Locust and Mulberry forks about 20 miles west of Birmingham. The name is a translation of 2 Choctaw words, Taska (Warrior) and lusa (black), the same connection for the city of Tuscaloosa. Flowing 180 miles southwest, the Warrior joins the Tombigbee near Demopolis.

Black Warrior River

The river has numerous recreational opportunities in addition to swimming, fishing, water skiing, and drinking water, one of the most exciting is Kayaking.

Outdoor recreation is widely popular throughout the year, but it especially ramps up in the summer months.

 Not only does the river provide fun, but it also generates 7.5 billion dollars in consumer spending and supports 86,00 Alabama jobs.

In a recent edition, Boating magazine listed the Black Warrior River as one of the best-kept secrets for boating.

Kayaking in Alabama

Alabama gives kayakers many opportunities for adventure with numerous waterways to explore. The Black Warrior River drains portions of 17 counties in Alabama.

 It covers 6,276 miles and measures 300 miles from top to bottom.

The Warrior is home to a diverse ecosystem of 120 different freshwater fish and other aquatic animals that can be hiding in the river.

Alabama has some of the most dynamic and diverse waterways in the whole United States. With over 132,000 miles of waterways, boaters and Kayakers have plenty of choices to launch their crafts.

 On a list of the Top 10 Best Places to Kayak in Alabama, Black Warrior River was listed as number 5.

Best place to Launch your Kayak on Black Warrior

We found the top 3 best areas with great reviews to launch your kayak on the Black Warrior River.

Lower Mulberry Fork of the Warrior River – Kayak Put-In

Forks of the River Access Point

TP’s Kayak & River Adventure Company

The Black Warrior River is often listed as a more difficult Kayaking experience. Beginners should not try to travel alone, and it’s recommended you travel with an experienced water partner. It’s a 6-7 mile paddle session that typically takes about 3-4 hours, possibly longer if the currents are not favorable. 

We at the NJP say, stay safe, enjoy the water, and kayak the Black Warrior.


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