Fultondale Turns 75

August 24, 2022

We all hope to grow older gracefully and not look at our age. That’s something Fultondale seems to have accomplished.

 Who knew this amazing city was 75 years old?

A wonderful way to celebrate

This Friday, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, join the city council, local business owners, and numerous citizens at the New Event Center to celebrate Fultondale’s 75th year. 

Fultondale plans to “go back in time” with many of the participants dressed in costumes from the era.

Lots of fun and smiles guaranteed. 

Food and Music

Relax as you look at photos and mementos, read about the city’s early years, and be astonished at the low prices over 75 years ago. Who was the mayor and president, and how many citizens lived in the area? 

 Tap your feet as you sing along, and enjoy music from the ’40s and ’50s. 

Appetizers and refreshments will be provided by the city, and everyone is invited. 

City Hall is shutting down so that all the city employees may participate. 

With everyone invited, you never know who you might run into.

The New Event Center is the hub of Fultondale’s activities. It is often utilized for various get-togethers, programs, and activities. 

 What better place to recognize the positive growth and unity of Fultondale?

 This is the first time that a city birthday celebration has been held in the building.

 It is bound to be one to remember.

Mark Friday down on your calendar and to-do list, we at the NJP hope to see you there. 

Not everyone makes it to 75 in such great shape.

 Way to go, Fultondale.


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