Eiland Law Services – A Lifelong Dream

August 22, 2022

Eiland Law Services at 4311 State Highway in Hayden provides professional and quality law services for North Jefferson County and surrounding areas. It is the culmination of a young girl’s desire to help others.

Discovering a Career

Growing up around the North Jefferson area and in Hayden, Whitney Eiland worked part-time, after school and in summers, for her mother, a legal secretary in a law office. 

As she filed papers and assisted her mother, she found herself interested in the daily activities of the attorneys. 

Studying the lawyers as they worked to ease their client’s legal issues, whether through gathering information, arranging court action, or simply just over the phone, she quickly realized she wanted to join their forces. 

She decided to go to law school. 

After high school, she attended Wallace State, Athens, and Cumberland colleges to earn the degrees needed for her dream.

Work Experience

Starting out as a clerk at the Federal Courthouse in Birmingham, her excitement and joy in the legal field didn’t dampen. The lessons, information, and contacts she gathered there gave her a strong background in what is needed to serve clients in the best possible manner.

 During her time at the Courthouse, she soon became proficient in many aspects of the legal profession.

Coming Back to a Small-Town

Working in Birmingham, Whitney discovered she missed her small-town roots. Her husband was from Blount County, and with the birth of their two beautiful daughters, Whitney soon decided to set up her new law practice in Hayden.

Small town life is full of many wonderful options and provides not only great schools but also a connection to a family of neighbors. Whitney knew this was the best area to offer her law expertise.

Recently Whitney and her husband purchased some land locally and plan on building a home soon.

Looking toward the future by investing in the community and growing along with it. We at the NJP recommend giving them a call.


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