Don’t let gas prices hurt your family plans!

March 15, 2022

As gas prices continue to hurt everyone’s pocketbook, the next aim will be your family vacation or summer plans. Lucky for those of us in the North Jefferson community, we have plenty of options to enjoy time with your family and support your local community.

We love Warrior, AL!

Warrior has plenty of destinations you probably already frequent, from the multiple coffee shops (Warrior River Coffee Co and Dunkin, to name a few) to Huddle House, Annie Mae’s Wing Stop, and the classic White House Restaurant.

Warrior also has a brand new elementary school that is a sight to see. All of these items make it easy to plan a visit but the one that needs not be forgotten and is the reason for this whole article is Rickwood Caverns!

Rickwood Caverns Cool

So hopefully, you went and supported Wonderland under Warrior. If not, put it on your calendars for this upcoming year, but our focus is spring and summer. How long has it been since you went and toured the caverns? Too long is my guess; the caverns stay around 62 degrees year-round. The price is $19.00 for 12 and up and 9$ 5 to 11. A family of 4 could take a tour, get some exercise, see mother nature, and be home for a movie night and popcorn. A full day of fun for under $200 sounds like a great spring or summer day!

Don’t forget the Pool and the Trails!

When the weather gets better, do not forget the walking trails and the pool. Often when we live so close to something so amazing we forget about it. Let’s try to make sure we invest our time and our money back into our communities. Rickwood Caverns should be a multiple-day stop for you and your family this summer. Like them on Facebook for updates!


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