Creekside Meadows – The Wedding Venue of Your Dreams

August 31, 2022

Bill and Missy Gandy bought a beautiful 40-acre property to use for many different occasions. However, Missy saw a brighter future for the property: a wedding venue.

Buying a Property Used For All Occasions

Bill and Missy Gandy started out buying and managing rental property early in their marriage. The extra income not only helped their growing family but it allowed Missy more time to spend with her children.

In addition to their many rental properties, Mr. Gandy owned and operated a successful roofing company.

Over 25 years ago, while searching for an additional investment property, they discovered a beautiful plot of land,  in Morris next to a bubbling creek with lush greenery surrounded by nature.

They bought the beautiful 40-acre property located on the banks of the gorgeous Turkey Creek. The property had two houses and a trailer and lots of potentials.

In the beginning, the property was used for many different activities.

In the beginning, for about 7 years, it was home to a menagerie of animals that put smiles on children’s faces as a petting zoo. It was called Gandy’s Fun Farm and the children loved to visit. 

The property was also available for party rentals, reunions, and family get-togethers. Graduation parties were held, and small concerts and even school activities found the acres the perfect gathering spot.

A Bigger, Brighter Vision

Somehow, despite the popularity of the activities, Missy felt that something was missing. She envisioned brighter and better things for Creekside.

A good friend that lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky shared her thoughts on wedding locations with Missy. She had created a wedding venue in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and found it to be a positive use of her talents, time, and energy.

Long discussions with their friend over the best use of the lovely wooded landscape soon helped the couple decide on the prime use of their property.

They quickly realized it was the perfect setting for rustic weddings with an elegant flair. 

Working diligently, they planned and put the finishing touches on making Creekside Meadows the best wedding location out there. Lots of energy, work, prayers, and thought went into the hidden gem in Morris.

The first wedding was held on October 25, 2015, and the second wedding was on December 12, 2015, and served as the backdrop for the Gandys’ son’s nuptials.

In the past few years, some of the kids who attended Gandy’s Fun Farm, graduation parties, and various other activities at the Meadow have returned to take their vows at Creekside.

Choosing a Theme

 Any theme that is needed can be achieved. Bill and Missy help the soon-to-be-married couple feel comfortable and provide not only support but offer suggestions as well. The homestead can be utilized for an overnight stay to accommodate bridesmaids, families, and even bachelor parties.

With the rolling acres, undisturbed nature, a large home, and even a rustic barn, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the best wedding spot. Or even the choice photo spot. The multiple locations, from the home to a covered area, can be decorated in such a beautiful way. 

Choosing the perfect wedding venue has become very popular in the past decade. Currently, there seem to be endless options in the North Jefferson area. Whether you are looking for a rustic country inn, an elegant church, or even an urban warehouse, there is always a choice that will catch your eye.

Brides searching for that one-of-a-kind spot with lots of “oooh” factors will not be disappointed.

Close To Home 

Morris is one of the smaller cities in North Jefferson but centrally located and easy to get to, whether you are traveling I65 or taking back roads. 

Creekside Meadows is located at 8390 Doss Road in Morris. Their contact number is 205-223-7879

This bright spot of charm and nature, once you are there, appears isolated from everyone but is literally in your backyard. 

Check out the uniqueness that is Creekside Meadows.

We at the NJP recommend giving Bill and Missy a call and start planning your dream wedding.


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