Burkett Center and Autism Acceptance

April 4, 2022

The Autism Society of America announced recently a change from the wording awareness to acceptance. The president and CEO wanted to ignite change in communities of those with autism. Awareness is simply knowing, but acceptance is including those with autism in your activities. As autism acceptance month is here, let’s learn more about the Burkett Center in our community! The Burkett Center in Jefferson County at 8601 Old Hwy 31 was renovated in 2012 at 2.5 million. Although some things might have changed, the love of learning continues today, ten years later.

About the Burkett Center

The Burkett Center is a JEFCOED school specializing in serving students with multiple special needs.
Located in the old Mortimer Jordan High School since 2012, the center has brought continued learning, joy, and laughter to the 50-year-old structure.
Since it was once a high school, the wider hallways and larger classrooms allowed for larger open areas to encourage student movement and provide ample access to the various learning centers.

Special seating areas, bean bag chairs, tactile manipulatives, and lots of creativity go into each classroom. Besides being bright and airy, by law, each classroom also has a bathroom.

Diversity, imagination, and creativity

Diversity and imagination abound in the building. Bulletin boards, classrooms, and walls in the hallway are often decorated with eye-catching displays. The school currently serves over 247 students -grades Pk- and kindergarten to 12th. The student-to-teacher ratio is 15-1, but often classes are even smaller.
The smallest accomplishments of each student are celebrated and emphasized. Along with individual success, the center also recognizes the unique beauty of each child.

The Burkett Center fills the needs of each student.

It is not just the welcoming atmosphere of the school or the comfortable setting that provides a great learning environment for each student, but the love, hard work, determination, and caring contributed by teachers, staff, parents, and students. They all pour their hearts, energy, and time into making sure that the Burkett Center fulfills the needs of each student. Working together with parents, community, staff, and the students, find the center to be a place full of smiles and happiness.

At the North Jefferson Post, we encourage everyone in our community to follow them on their main Facebook page or PTA page or both and get involved. Remember to be aware is to know; let’s learn to accept and get involved!


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