Blue Door Apparel- Something for Everyone.

September 11, 2022

The Blue Door Apparel shop located at 177 Smoke Rise Trail in Warrior has so many choices that shopping becomes something to look forward to..

Growing up locally

Growing up in Warrior and attending Warrior High School, Christy Boatwright Harris thought early on about going into retail and knew when she was ready to open her shop that Warrior was the place to go.

 As a mom and a shopper, she often struggled to find fun and cute items to purchase for her family.

 Looking around, she soon found a location available and decided to create a store that she would enjoy shopping in.

 Married with two sons and a beautiful grandchild, Christy set out to offer her customers the best shopping experience available.

 She wanted great prices, personalized items, expanded choices, and a fun shopping experience.

The Blue Door

The storefront she decided upon in Warrior was perfect and had large double doors at the entrance.

 Acting on a hunch, she decided to paint the doors blue, despite blue not being at the top of her list for colors.

 She felt the neutral color gracing the double doors would not only be welcoming but also be gender neutral. Men and women would both feel comfortable walking into the business.

Plus, the blue doors contributed to the bold and distinctive name.

She opened the doors to her new business in 2017, providing an opportunity for a relaxing shopping experience with great prices and an upbeat atmosphere.

Providing creativity and fun

The store offers not only unique boutique items, like jewelry, purses, clothes, and hats, but also offers tee-shirts, custom shirts for schools, with screen printing and in-house embroidery for all items, or if you prefer, blanks and vinyl for do-it-yourself. 

The Blue Door can personalize your items for you or help you be creative and do it at home.

Closed on Sunday and Monday, the shop is open on Saturday from 10 am-2 pm, then Tuesday through Friday- 10 am-6 pm.

We at the NJP recommend stepping through the Blue Door and leaving with something not only unique but personalized as well.


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