A Positive Post for a Better Community

March 3, 2022

It can be difficult to realize, that as well as the information we share with news,  what we post and share through media, our tone is important. By not interacting visually with someone, the media needs an optimistic and helpful slant to be beneficial.

Positive posts can encourage constructive comments

By sharing positive comments, posts, and offering clear and productive solutions to issues, common ground can be established as a community. Media, especially social media, has seen an upswing in negative statements and drama.  The old childhood mantra “ If you can’t say anything nice” carries a lot of truth in these different times.

3 ways to turn a positive spin with media

  1. Decide on limiting your media intake. Use the internet and social media with intent. Connections to family, news updates, or trying to discover an outlet for your own thoughts.
  2. Try not to rely just on social media for information. Even the news. Meet up with a friend, join a book club, or just pick up the phone and chat. It’s easier to not misunderstand someone when you can hear the tone of his/her voice.
  3. Let go of your negative output and input. It’s easy to need to respond to something that upsets us, but take a step back and discover if it is worth the drama.

Working together for a Better Community

We created the North Jefferson Post to fill a gap. A gap of positivity, community coverage, and a perspective that is missing in our communities. History has shown us time and time again that thriving is not only about being comfortable but is also dependent on using our positive thoughts, comments, contributions, and voices to build a better place to live.

Good things will follow from positive statements.

Let’s work together with positivity for a stronger community and brighter tomorrow. We hope you enjoy the North Jefferson Post!


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