A God-Filled Dream – Cornerstone Ranch

August 29, 2022

Cornerstone Ranch at 4300 Powder Mills Road in Mount Olive started off as a dream shared by five men.

Camp for Ministry

In 1997, Jake Chemell, Josh and Jimmy Nation, Mike Holmes and Rusty Rouse shared a dream. Their vision was to impact the world by investing in the lives of young people. 

The men felt compelled and led by God to find a place where young people could have the opportunity to come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and also have a chance to experience the outdoors. 

Something many people take for granted.

Their passion was Christ as well as the outdoors. Their vision never changed but only enlarged as time passed and they searched for the best place to build their camp.

The Lord Moves In Mysterious Ways

In 2001 the dream began to come together. A large piece of land, owned by the Dupont Corporation opened up for purchase. 

The former Dupont Powder Plant sat on 1200 acres of beautiful land near Gardendale. The area had been scoped out and haggled over for decades by various companies and individuals.

 Many had tried throughout the years, unsuccessfully, to purchase the land. They didn’t realize God already had a  plan for the property.

Dream Fulfilled of Cornerstone Ranch

In 2008, by God’s grace and faithfulness, the dream was realized and the ministry was blessed. with all 1200 acres of land. It is known as Cornerstone Ranch. The ranch provides a safe and fun place for youth to grow closer to Christ while connecting with and exploring nature.

During the summer months, the ranch offers 6 weeks of Day Camps for elementary and middle school kids. Weekends offer a unique camp experience for ministry partners of the camp at no expense. The ranch is partnered with Aspire Movement and Common Thread Network ministries.

Putting their faith and trust in God, brought Cornerstone Ranch into existence, and allows children who might not be able to attend camp, a way to achieve that goal. We at the NJP recommend checking out the Cornerstone Ranch.


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