35 Years of helping others with Lynn Hurst

May 24, 2022

Lynn Hurst started his towing company in 1987. He’s been in the business for 35 years. It’s a job that he feels gives him a chance to meet new people and the opportunity to help others. He sees the job as his purpose in life. He grew up in Fultondale, moved to Mount Olive for a bit, but soon settled in Gardendale. 

EF3 Tornado Devastation for Hurst Towing

His business prospered as he raised his family. Then, like so many others, his life changed on January 25, 2021. His towing company on 1620 Carson Road North in Fultondale was destroyed by 150mph winds of the EF3 tornado that leveled and demolished many other businesses and homes. Fortunately, he and his family were safe, but his shop and 16 of his 22 trucks were gone. Trucks that were sorely needed to help others during the aftermath of that awful night.

Mr. Hurst didn’t pause to worry about his damage, saying a heartfelt thanks that his family was safe; he rolled up his sleeves and helped his neighbors and residents of Fultondale. Using the few trucks that remained, he drove through the night and into the following day, lending help where he could.

Working with the few remaining undamaged trucks, he watched as the whole town pitched in to help each other. While he and many others are still waiting, over a year later, for some answers from insurance and FEMA, that night, the citizens of Fultondale didn’t wait and found a way to work through torn-up buildings and damaged cars, and downed trees. The town of Fultondale discovered their strength in love for each other and their city as well.

Hurst Towing is back.

The new Hurst Towing building is back up, better than before, and all but 4 of the 16 damaged tow trucks are back on the road. 

Life is returning to normal.

Now that the office is back and space is available, Lynn is looking forward to hiring more drivers and office help.

Lynn Hurst – Purpose and Direction

He shared a story from his childhood that demonstrated how he sees life. When he was a young boy, he often would go bird hunting with his Uncle. Heading out on the adventure, he would ask God to show him a stump so that he might be able to stand on it so that he could see his relative and not get lost.

He feels the same way about what happened. God sent him a stump. A way to see what needed to be done and a way to help. 

He added, “If you are here, you have a purpose. Look for it and follow life’s directions.”

We at the North Jefferson Post recommend calling Hurst Towing for any needed roadside services.


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